Poker in Mexico

Although poker at Mexico’s casinos is legal in certain areas, it’s just in the last few years that the card game has gotten very popular among its own citizens now we’re starting to see more Mexican poker players winning major tournaments around the Earth, on a daily basis. Take such as among Mexico’s most prosperous players – Victor Perches, winner of a WSOP Bracelet at 2006, and Mexico’s most recent WSOP Bracelet winner, Angel Guillen, who took home the prize in 2009.

With plans of working at a food processing plant in Oregon, Perches moved to Las Vegas shortly afterwards. Even though it was not in his original aims, Perches eventually worked his way inĀ up into the 2006 World Series of Poker and won the first WSOP Bracelet in Mexico’s history. At age 57 yearsold, Victoriano Perches cashed in a trendy $157,338 and the title to be the first Mexican poker player to acquire a coveted WSOP Bracelet from the championship’s history.

Angel”Boloban” Guillen is relatively new to this expert poker scene, in his career has recently seen his fair share of wins. It had been at the LAPT in Punta del Este where he drifted in for an enormous $99,920 prize and took third place at this prestigious poker tournament. Following up that big win, in 2009 that the Mexico City native entered the World Series of Poker $2,500 nolimit Hold’em event and took second place for a breathtaking $312,800 cash prize. Many might have called it a day after a win like that, however Angel followed this up just 10 days later with a first place win at the $2,000 No Limit Hold’em affair and cashed in a massive prize of $530,548! With this triumph, Guillen became only the next poker player out of Mexico to get some World Series of Poker Bracelet.

Even though professional poker players at Mexico are few and far betweenplayers such as these show promise that oneday that highly-populated country will become a driving force in online and live poker tournaments across the globe. “Much like Chris Moneymaker did for you (from the U.S.), I’d like to do exactly the identical thing in my nation. Hopefully, I can.” Said Guillen about his future poker career.

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